Use this thermal camera for home inspections, firefighting, or even archaeology, and save the pictures with the built-in 3GB memory card. You also can connect the camera to your laptop, television, or other compatible device using the micro USB cable to free manuals online display your photos or transfer files between devices.

The Battery Tender Plus 12V 1.25A Battery Charger is smart charging made easy. This car battery charger is fully automatic and easy to use. This car battery charger features a quick connect harness and includes ring terminals and alligator clips that are easy to hook up to your battery and get your car going again.

Best Battery Chargers For Any Vehicle

Durable and easy to carry around, it is made of ABS material, which is an excellent choice for insulation. What’s more, you can conveniently store the power cable and the alligator clips within the battery case. The Schumacher SC1281 is one of the most stylish battery chargers you could ever get. The company ditched the typical brick form of conventional chargers for something more contemporary.

  • This means it affects the size of the image the lens projects on the sensor.
  • Therefore, the blades should always remain dry in order to open and close properly.
  • On one home-recorded tape, the sound plays only until the end of one program, and not on the next.

When storing Li-ion rechargeable batteries for more a few months or more, battery should be charged to about 50%. Batteries should be stored in a dry environment at room temperature (approximately 70°F/21°C to 80°F/27°C). This will help to maintain the battery’s life and performance. Make sure there are no smudges, dirt, or debris on the camera lens. Smudges and fingerprints should wipe away easily with a microfiber cloth. You can always edit your pictures later from the Photos app, or other third-party iPhone image editing apps.

What you gain is only on the size and weight of the camera body only. Personally, I want radio control of multiple flashes and no limit to shutter speed while shooting with a flash. Of course, I’ve been doing studio and remote lighting for 40+ years now. When you do it long enough and often enough, you develop a personal style for amount and direction of lights. I’ve written before that the DSLR phase detect system has a data discrimination advantage over the mirrorless on-sensor phase detect system.

Common Error Messages

This trips the shutter whenever something blocked the path between transmitter and receiver—useful in wildlife photography, for example. To control the camera’s systems, the T90 uses a dual CPU architecture. The main, low-power CPU runs at 32 kHz while the sub-CPU runs at 1 MHz, and is powered down when not needed. The main CPU handles the LCD display and overall state, while the sub-CPU handles exposure calculations, viewfinder display, and control of the camera’s motors. This architecture provides for lower power usage.


If that doesn’t work, force restart your iPhone instead. Try using the official iPhone Camera app, rather than any third-party alternatives. This app is more reliable than the alternatives and more likely to work properly. Here are the most common problems you might come across with your iPhone camera, along with everything you can do to fix them. For five tips on how to autofocus better and improve your technique, watch the video below from You can read more about this video tutorial here.