On most images, except for the above case, a GIF file has a larger size than an indexed PNG image. PNG uses DEFLATE, a non-patented lossless data compression algorithm involving a combination of LZ77 and Huffman coding. Permissively-licensed DEFLATE implementations, such as zlib, are widely available.

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The application services Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Office 2019 offer support for exporting, importing and editing SVG images. The Uniform Type Identifier for SVG used by Apple is public.svg-image and conforms to public.image and public.xml. Software can be programmed to render SVG images by using a library such as librsvg used by GNOME since 2000, Batik or ThorVG since 2020 for the lightweight systems. SVG images can also be rendered to any desired popular image format by using ImageMagick, a free command-line utility . SVGT 1.2 includes some features not found in SVG 1.1, including non-scaling strokes, which are supported by some SVG 1.1 implementations, such as Opera, Firefox and WebKit. As shared code bases between desktop and mobile browsers increased, the use of SVG 1.1 over SVGT 1.2 also increased. If you have a larger SVG file, any software programs mentioned above in the How to Open an SVG File section should be able to save/export the SVG file to a new format, too.

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Now we have our JSON file content stored in jsondatavariable after being formatted as proper JSON, Drivesol which can be easily parsed now using ansible json query module. Our primary objective of this article is to talk about how to process the JSON FILE and read the JSON file into ansible playbook and process it. I would like to see how to extract a single key-value pair from an object or an array.

  • If the file contains an indexed image, then A is an m-by-n array of index values corresponding to the color at that index in map.
  • For example, Ruby’s JSON module and the Java Jackson library with the JsonParser.Feature.ALLOW_COMMENTS feature enabled will handle JavaScript-style comments just fine in JSON input.
  • In the format toolbar (or via right-click) select Convert to Shape.
  • This file archiver is a free and open-source program with a 2-10% higher compression rate compared to WinZip and PKZip.

The file should ‘unzip’ and reveal the contents of the zip file. If you receive an error message, it could be that the character path of document folders and names has exceeded the maximum limit allowed by the Windows operating system. To the right of the folder from which you want to create a zip file, select the Actions menu. This file archiver is a free and open-source program with a 2-10% higher compression rate compared to WinZip and PKZip. It also has its own 7z extension that compresses data 30-70% better than the .zip format. Unfortunately, if the compressed file has .sit formatting, you will not be able to decompress it with a default app, so you will have to use third-party apps like Stuffit. You can download a free version of the application from the official website.


Typically it renders new data from the server in response to user actions on that webpage. For example, what the user types into a search box, client-side code then sends to the server, which immediately responds with a drop-down list of matching database items. It is a common data format with a diverse range of functionality in data interchange including communication of web applications with servers. It is actually just loading another javascript file which stores some hardcoded json as a variable named data.